Independent professionals working in the talent economy are a crucial resource in the new world of work.

IT and marketing have always relied heavily on external expertise due to increasing technicity of those jobs. Technological change is becoming faster and faster, which makes it difficult to recruit trained employees.

The most wanted tech skills are not available on the regular job market or take too much time to recruit.

Ilgin joined Malt right at the birthdate of Malt Germany. Originally starting as an intern after her MBA in Italy, she soon became an indispensable force for the market launch in Germany and is now leading the business operations in Germany. The main reason for her to join Malt? Community!

Hello Ilgin, can you introduce yourself and tell us about yourself and your role at Malt?

Hello! I am Ilgin, from Istanbul, Turkey.

I am working with the Malt Germany team in the Munich office. I joined Malt almost 2 years ago, as an intern right after my MBA…

Like a marathon, a job interview must be prepared! Here are 10 tips to train yourself to have the best chance on the day...

Indeed, doing an interview has become a kind of routine in our lives. But let’s make this routine an enjoyable and useful challenge together. So we will see how to improve yourself to be an interview’s expert.

Here, exclusively for you some recommendations to be an expert in job interviews. (No thanks, it’s my field! Just don’t hesitate to send me your feedback when you get your job).

1 ) Targeting the perfect job for you

We are excited to release the latest edition of Malt Tech Trends today!

Because we have so much great data at our fingertips, we’ve been able to build a broad view of the market through the lens of the many tech trends fueling its evolution.

In 2020 alone, Malt had 500,000+ registered members, representing 30,000 companies and 65,000 freelancers working in tech and data across Europe — in France, Spain, and Germany — who carried out 500,000+ searches on the marketplace.

But our findings extend well beyond the world of freelancing alone. The latest Malt Tech Trends report provides a…

It’s not like we are sharing news here, but equality and diversity in every aspect of society and business is not only fair, it also leads to better results.

At Malt we want to give every member of our community the tools to succeed in their career — as an employee or as a freelancer.

While a lot of articles are published in March on women in the workplace, only few are published on the self-employed.

So let’s have a look at the data of Malt to understand better where we are in gender equality among freelancers.

Gender Distribution

On Malt 35%…

“Ambition is the key” : This is one of the company’s core. values that immediately resonated with Louidgy Dona, IT Support Manager at Malt. An eminently creative person, he has been able to blossom and quickly implement large-scale projects within the company. Let’s ask him about life at Malt.

Hello Louidgy, can you introduce yourself and your role at Malt?

My name is Louidgy, I am 27 years old and work as an IT Support Manager at Malt for three countries : France, Spain and Germany. I am mainly responsible for security and Malt employees’ access to various media.

Charlotte initially joined Malt as an intern and, in less than a year, became one of the Talent Acquisition Team’s key members. A trained psychologist, (almost) as polyvalent as Kevin Mayer, she believes the trust placed in her when she joined Malt is what made all the difference. Let’s ask about her story.

Hello Charlotte, can you introduce yourself and your role at Malt?

My name is Charlotte, I am from Nantes. I’ve been working at Malt for almost a year now. I joined the company for my end-of-year internship in occupational psychology. And I’m still here! Now I…

Freelancing in Europe 2021, a study by Malt & BCG

5 To Do’s to succeed in the New Work Order

Now more than ever, companies need to respond quickly to changes in the market, the global environment, to the entry of new competitors, and to ongoing technological progress.

The agility of the workforce is one of the key components to survive in this new reality: the right people doing the right thing at the right time.

In this new work reality, we see freelancing as an established part of the agile workforce. …

The world of work is moving. Hit the forward button with Malt.

2020 is the year where choice has been taken away from people. In life. And at work too. Companies and independent workers alike were forced to quickly find ways to stay afloat. It’s also been a time when we all came to the realization that work wasn’t just about earning a living. It is about connecting with others, opening up to them. To become better professionals and better people.

At Malt, we believe we can write the next chapters together. By connecting freelancers with organisations every day, we are on the frontline of shaping the Future of Work. We are…

Maybe not this kind of Mad Men style of meeting though, for now.

The past 3 months will remain in history as the moment when work became remote, something most “office workers” could perfectly practice without being with their colleagues in the same building.

And even if this forced way of learning how to work remotely was not necessarily the best, children running in the living room or with your kitchen table as your desk, more and more companies are now announcing they’re not going back to the old normal, some even claiming they will adopt full remote work as something permanent.

This is good news. But this is also a bit naive.


Our mission: create a world where everyone is free to choose the best people to work with.

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